wiper blade

wiper blade

Flat, Non-Rivet, Non-Claw

All season, Improved Winter Capabilities
Designed with Optimum Performance
Improved Visibility
Easy Installation
Eliminate Vibration and Chatter
Aerodynamic Low Profile for High Speeds
Premium Natural Rubber Ensure a Clean & Silent Wiper
It is the future of wiper blades, jointless structure, with extremely low profile, consisting only of a metal tension strip, rubber element and connector. It's a revolutionary wiper blade design that represents the future trend in the wiper industry in both performance and styling.
The extremely low profile reduces wind-lift at higher speeds, quieter operation and less chatter. The innovative design provides constant, even pressure across the entire windshield for a smoother, more consistent wipe. It's uniquely engineered to ensure proper contact with the windshield.
As it is designed with a jointless structure, there are no exposed to parts clog up with ice and snow, it provides excellent wiping performance in winter conditions too. Flat Wiper Blade outperforms traditional blades in snow and ice wipe tests.
Easy installation - It comes with a pre-installed adapter for simple installation on the most popular arm styles. Frameless Flat Blade is already an original equipment on a growing number of new vehicles, it is expected to grow rapidly in popularity

Product Origin: Ningbo,China
Model Number: WB-900
Brand Name: CWB

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